Flights And Booking

Trekking In The Himalaya arrange all domestic flights in Nepal and also all international flights to and from Nepal. We book special discounted flight fares all over the world.We also arrange and book all types of Transportation such as Bus tickets, train tickets, private car, Van, Hiace and Bus Hire in Nepal. We arrange all transport at very reasonable price.When it comes to getting around, the main mode of transport in Nepal is your trusty own two feet! Most travellers come here to trek, so it really is a case of putting your best foot forward and heading into the hills. Just don't take the wrong turn or you might end up getting seriously lost (see left).

Of course, there are plenty of other Nepal transport options. We can arrange all of your local transport between our travel modules to create a longer itinerary for your holiday in Nepal. During your trip, you might find yourself circling Everest in a tiny plane, rushing down rapids in a rafting adventure, and spotting rhinos on elephant back in Chitwan National Park. We can organise buses, private car transfers, internal flights, elephant safaris and even donkey treks!

It's probably best to point out that there are no trains in Nepal, purely because the landscape is so mountainous and rail journeys would be hair-raising to say the least.

If you're on a budget, the luxury Green Line Bus Service is a great option for Nepal transport (although it might be best to take the "luxury" with a pinch of salt). The buses are quick, regular and pretty clean. They run back and forth between Kathmandu and Pokhara, and also to Chitwan National Park. Of course, a road trip in the Himalayas is never without a white knuckle factor. The scenery will be fantastic and it will probably end up being better than any rollercoaster.

Private carIf you don't need to watch the pennies quite so much, you could swap Green Line bus journeys for private cars. As we run independent trips rather than group tours, you'll travel by private air-conditioned car if you choose this option. The exact type of car will differ according to the size of your party and the nature of your itinerary. For example, if you are heading into the Himalayas to begin a trek, you might find yourselves in a 4X4 jeep or something similar, as these vehicles are fit for mountain roads. You can expect the ride of your life - bumpy but brilliant.

Your friendly drivers are likely to speak only basic english, so you might need to employ the handy international language of mime to get chatting. You're sure to be laughing and joking in no time.

Shorter transfersFor the shorter transfers, for example from your hotel to the airport and around Kathmandu, it's often best to take a taxi or an auto-rickshaw. These are very easy to arrange on the spot and it's more economical (and fun) for you to book them locally. When you're staying in the towns and cities, we recommend using auto-rickshaws to get around. From your rickshaw seat you'll get to experience the city up close and personal. The cost of these short journeys will depend on your haggling skills, and if you are persuaded to take a detour to the driver's-brother's-uncle's-sister's shop, well, you'll be sure to get a good story out of it...

Internal flightsOne very quick and easy mode of Nepal transport is internal flight. If you're short on time, this is a brilliant way to get the most out of your trip. Flights operate between Kathmandu and Pokhara regularly, and you can also take smaller flights to the starting point of certain treks. If you manage to snap up a window seat, you'll be treated to magnificent views of the Himalaya mountains as you fly. If you're after an aerial view of mighty Mount Everest, Of course, flight schedules can always change (usually not by very much) due to unexpected circumstances. We'll keep you up to date with any changes before you leave home, but once you're in India our local agents will do their best to solve any problems with your transport in Nepal, and if possible will try to arrange an alternative flight.